Injury Reporting Procedures




Injury Reporting Procedures

  • Athletes are first to report all practice injuries to the coach then to the athletic trainer. All injuries and health concerns must be reported to the athletic trainer. Medical referral will be coordinated through the athletic training staff.


  • In the absence of the athletic trainer, the coach will initiate early first aid care. The coach will notify the athletic trainer of all injuries within 24 hours of the injury incident.


  • Injured athletes are expected to continue attending practice and games during the treatment and recovery period. Athletes are expected to report daily to the athletic trainers for available treatment and rehabilitation.


  • Parents are encouraged to contact the athletic training staff regarding any questions or concerns related to their child’s injury and care.


  • All athletes missing practice(s) and/or game(s) due to injury or illness must notify the coach directly prior to that practice or game.


  • Game dress for injured athletes will be directed by each head coach.