Medical Referral for Injuries





Medical Referral for Injuries


  • The Coffman Athlete Health Care Program is not designed to replace the family physician or dictate medical care. The choice of health care provider and initiation of medical referral always remains at the discretion of the parents.


  • Your family physician should be contacted if: problems develop with an injury, the condition worsens or the condition persists for an extended period of time. It is important that injured athletes return to the athletic training room for re-evaluation and report any new or remaining problems.


  • Parents have access to the services of the Team Physician Staff who supervise all care provided by the athletic training staff.


  • All athletes evaluated by their family physician must provide a note from the physician indicating the type of injury, course of treatment and participation status. The note should be given to the athletic trainer promptly after the physician visit.   A standardized medical evaluation form is available from the athletic training staff or may be downloaded from the Athlete Health Care website.


  • All head injuries must be evaluated by a physician prior to clearance to participate. A note clearing the athlete is essential for practice re-entry. ImPACT testing is also available as a tool to help the physicians accurately assess significant head injuries and may be required prior to allowing an athlete to return to a contact or collision sport.