Nomination Information

Athletic Hall of Fame
Dublin Coffman High School

Mission Statement:

  • Dublin Coffman High School is pleased to recognize those outstanding individuals who have distinguished themselves through their athletic achievements.


  • Athletes, coaches, athletic administrators, and other major contributors to the athletic program at Dublin (Coffman) High School are eligible.
  • Athletes must be a part of a graduating class of no less than seven years previous to induction.
  • Coaches and administrators must have been retired from the public schools for at least three years, or have not been employed at any capacity by Coffman High School for at least five years.
  • Exceptions, for extenuating circumstances, to the above time restrictions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


  • Individuals meeting the above qualifications may be nominated by the completion of the official Dublin Coffman High School Athletic Hall of Fame nomination form. Nominations from two individuals will be necessary for a candidate to be considered by the committee.
  • Nominees will be considered permanently after any valid nominations.
  • Induction of nominees will be determined by a vote of the Selection Committee. A nominee must receive the vote of at least six of the nine members of the committee or 66% of those voting for induction. Committee members may vote for no more than four each year after the first year.
  • The number in the first class of inductees shall be left open-ended and will based on committee decision. Thereafter the inductees shall number no more than four a year.
  • Exceptions, due to extenuating circumstances, to the above number restriction will be considered by the committee on a case-by-case basis.

Selection Committee:

  • The committee shall be composed of nine members:
  • The Principal of Dublin Coffman High School.
  • The Athletic Director of Dublin Coffman High School.
  • One member appointed by the Superintendent to represent the Dublin City Schools.
  • Three coaches from Dublin Coffman High School appointed by the Athletic Director. No more than one of these individuals may be retired from coaching.
  • Three at-large members from the community appointed by the Athletic Director and/or Principal to include if possible (after the first year) at least one member of the Hall of Fame.
  • All appointed members to serve two year terms. Terms may follow consecutively without limit.

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