Return to Activity Following Injury





Return to Activity Following Injury



  • All athletes who have been removed from activity by the athletic trainer and referred for physician evaluation MUST provide a note from the consulting physician prior to re-entry into the activity.


  • All athletes who have been removed from activity, or placed on limited activity by a physician MUST present a current note from the physician clearing the athlete to re-enter activity.


  • A physician’s note “clearing the athlete to full go” is recognized ONLY as a release to begin a gradual transition period back to full game activity. This transition time period is designed to monitor the existing condition and assure safe return to intense and demanding game situations.


  • Injured athletes are expected to continue a rehabilitation/strength maintenance program on the injured area following return to play to avoid re-injury. This also is required if the athlete is to continue to practice. These programs will be coordinated through the athlete health care staff.


  • The athletic trainer determines Return to Activity Clearance using protocols established by the supervising team physician staff.