Taping/Bracing Policy





Taping / Bracing Policy


  • Tape is a medical treatment tool with a specific therapeutic purpose. Appropriate use of tape for injury care will be directed by the athletic trainer. Tape will not be made available for non injury use.


  • Ankle taping may occur for two weeks following an acute ankle injury. At this time it will be the responsibility of the athlete to purchase commercial ankle braces for ongoing injury management. Ankle braces may be purchased for ankle injury prevention or ankle injury history if desired by the athlete.


  • The Athlete Health Care staff is available to advise parents on the purchase and use of various bracing, splinting and supportive devices beneficial to injury care and prevention. Some braces are available through the athletic training room at a discounted rate.   Ankle braces may also be available through the school store at a reduced cost. See your athletic trainer for further information.